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Lutrish Gandawa, Entertainment Reporter
After dishing up a sensational worship treat, Takesure Zamar says he embraces the digital platform with enthusiasm.
The now SA-based Gospel artist was ministering at the Worship Experience online event hosted by Kayse Connect in partnership with Getway Streams.

He was the first to perform and set the tone for the whole event. Characterised by awesome stage presence, a rich cocktail of vocals from his backing vocalists and a superb instrumental orchestration, Takesure Zamar epitomized Gospel music that is at the heights of professionalism. He left the few people allowed in the auditorium at the HICC soaked in tears after a soulful time with the Lord.

Takesure performed first on the line-up because he was rushing to perform at another gig in South Africa, signifying just how well-sought after he has become.

Not only are fans and promoters clamouring for him in Zimbabwe and South Africa, the worship king will this year be gracing stages in Botswana, Tanzania, and Namibia.

He says that his main focus this year is to export as much of his music as he can, going on to express that; “For years, as Zimbabweans we have been importing music from all over the world, it’s high time we started exporting music too.”

In truth, our music charts are rife with music from all over the world, and only a few local artists would make it in the top 10 on most stations.

Takesure this year promises the release of albums in four main languages; Shona, Venda, Zulu and Sotho. With such a highly diversified and ambitious undertaking, Takesure says that chances are high that he might be coming back to Zimbabwe only one more time this year; in October.

When asked how he is faring on the digital spaces, Minister Takesure Zamar exhorted other artists to embrace it all because that is the world’s new normal.

“Once the economy stabilises further, more and more people will jump on board the digital ship and music shopping will be mainly online.

It is a call for artists, particularly Gospel ones to start prepping up now for that time.”
Minister Zamar explained that he has already made strides in that direction, with a number of online worship sessions that have shown considerable success. Assuredly, he is well set for the digital spaces.

Featuring for the second time on the Worship Experience line-up, Takesure has become a signature worship king with the way he manages to change the atmosphere into a spirit filled, high impact worship room.

Combining consistency and a desire to grow beyond the region, Minister Takesure Zamar is ready to take Zimbabwean Gospel music to the next level.


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