Dino Mudondo cries foul

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Dino Mudondo cries foul



13 March 2018


…my song stolen, recorded


Musician Dino Mudondo is accusing a South African musical group Afro Soul of stealing his song and recording it on their album.

In an interview, the dreadlocked singer said he has since engaged the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) in taking legal action against the South African group.

“Afro Soul is a big musical group here in South Africa and I never expected them to lack professionalism to the extent of stealing my song and recording it.

“I am going to engage ZIMURA so that I may be assisted on how to go about it because they surely have a case to answer.

“What they did is theft to intellectual property and them as musicians are aware of the input we put in coming up with a song,” he said.

Speaking on how he got to know about the song, Mudondo said he found out through social media.

“They are not even making it a secret, they changed my song called Ndipe Ndipe and they are now calling it Ndipe.

“The music is now on social media and that was how I found out about it,” he said.

Despite the setback, Mudondo said he will not be deterred in his musical career.

“It is common that when you go through such an experience you might be demotivated ion your career but this has actually strengthened me.

“I was actually motivated with all this and now I am going to be releasing more songs,” he said.

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