Diplomatic spouses throw weight behind charity organisations

Tambirai Blessing Maruta

THE Diplomatic Spouses Association (DSA) hosted an event in Harare which brought different embassies together to support charity organisations.

The event, attended by more than 10 embassies, businesses and members of the public, was held at the Old Georgians Sports Club.

It featured cultural exchange as well as networking opportunities.

The DSA, a platform for the socialisation and activities of diplomats’ spouses, aims to support community welfare and engage with Zimbabweans through cultural interactions.

Embassy representatives and local businesses displayed their cultures through art, food and cuisine.

DSA president, Nadia Abbasi, said they were working on a number of cultural and charitable projects in the country.

“It’s the first fair of this kind we have held. We had embassies and local businesses in one place to exhibit their culture through art and cuisines.

“One of our major aims of working with charity organisations is for education, and to empower women by offering vocational training and supporting their projects to make them self-sustainable,” Abbasi said.

Joyce Hwamiridza, who exhibited at the event, said she got to network with other individuals in her line of work.

“I also got to interact with the customers and connected with them meaning that we can now do business after the fair.

“I am confident that my business will grow,” said Hwamiridza.

Programmes officer at the Albino Charity Organisation (ALCOZ), George Mafararikwa, said:

“We engaged with people with albinism and others related to, or who know people with albinism.

“This will help us get sunscreen lotions and other products needed by people living with albinism through the support of                                    DSA.”

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