Director blasts explicit content

18 Feb, 2019 - 15:02 0 Views
Director blasts explicit content Blesswyn Kays


18 February 2019

Blesswyn Kays

Video Director Blessed ‘BlesswynKays’ Kubvoruno has blamed music producers for recording music with explicit content.
BlesswynKays told H-Metro that producers should desist from letting musicians record songs which morally decay African norms.
“Musicians of today especially dancehall are making it difficult for us video directors when shooting videos for their songs.
“Producers should take the blame because they are the ones recording for these musicians yet it’s affecting our culture.
“That type of music is just bubble gum; it does not last and maybe these musicians record it targeting it as club music but our primary school going children are singing along and this badly affects them.”
He also said as video directors it is really difficult for them to shoot videos but because it’s the palm they are eating from they have no choice.

Blesswyn Kays

“For us it’s hard working with these musicians when they are singing in explicit language worse with the scenes of the videos.
“Some of the popular dancehall musicians actually work with them but even if we tell them to change something they just tell us to stick to our job.
“I hope this message will fall into the ears of producers and musicians to stop recording explicit stuff for this world to become a better place.”

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