Director in $300 000 fraud

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20 June 2016

NEWSTACKER director, Fungai Leslie Tafangombe, appeared in court facing allegations of conning another businessman of more than US$300 000 in a botched equipment deal.

Tafangombe appeared at the Harare magistrates’ court charged with fraud after he allegedly duped Joseph Jamal Hamed who is the director of New Millennium Power and Heavy Equipment.

Circumstances leading to Tafangombe’s arrest are that on May 16 this year, he teamed up with his two other accomplices and approached Hamed at his office.

Reports are that the trio misrepresented to Hamed that they had a company based in Dubai which is in the business of supplying generators and other heavy equipment.

Hamed is said to have expressed interest in dealing with Tafangombe and his business partners before they entered into a deal in which they would supply five generators.

The generators were supposed to be supplied at Hamad’s company which is based in Dubai.

It is the State’s case that Tafangombe and his accomplices charged Hamed US$302 000 for the supply of the generators.

On the same day, Hamed is said to have transferred US$90 000 into Tafangombe’s account towards the purchase of the five generators, according to the State.

Hamed is also said to have transferred another US$212 000 into Tafangombe’s bank account the following day.

Reports are that on May 18 Tafangombe received confirmation that Hamed had transferred money into his bank account and he also allegedly informed in business partner that he had received the said cash.

The State had it that Hamed tried to call Tafangombe’s business partner and he was answered by his son Abess Ahmad who advised him that his father had travelled to Lebanon.

On the same day, Tafangombe is said to have called Hamed whilst he was in Ethiopia and told him that he was supposed to go and collect his money which he had committed for the deal in Lebanon or Dubai.

It then prompted Hamed to enquire on the generators and Tafangombe reportedly told him that he was not into the business of selling generators and that all he wanted was money from him.

The court also heard that on May 19 Tafangombe’s business partner attempted to withdraw US$40 000 from their company’s account but failed since three signatories were required.

Hamed went to lodge a complaint with the police leading to Tafangombe’s arrest.

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