Disabled teachers plead with government

23 Jul, 2019 - 12:07 0 Views
Disabled teachers plead with government Secretary For Teachers Living with Disabilities Abbiot Moyo


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Teachers with visually impairment have called on the Government to intervene in their plight and provide necessary needs.

Secretary for Teachers Living with Disabilities Abbiot Moyo made the call during the petition before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee.

“I am looking at somebody who can walk on his own and yet that person says it’s not enough how about someone with a visual impairment.

“It’s something for you members of Parliament to think about.

“I am also thinking of someone in need of a wheelchair so that they can wall be mobile or walk independently and we do not have such things here and they have to be bought from her or his salary.

“I am thinking of a teacher with albinism who wants to be presentable before their children and everything has to come from the salary,” he said.

Added Moyo:

“Yet everybody is saying it’s not enough and a teacher with hearing impairments, somebody on clutches and everything has to be bought on that salary.

“Parliamentarians you have to understand that plight, you are like a mother who knows what the child wants.

“You are the people of influence and looking at the needs of people with visual impairment, they want brails, brail paper, projector, and laptops.

“You may find that the salaries teachers need is not enough especially a teacher with disabilities.

“Zvazvinodai pamuti munyoro, ko kuzoti wakaoma.”

Moyo also called for the need to increase their salaries.

“If you are not paid sufficiently, the situation is worse for us.

“So we are saying to you parliamentarians serve your constituencies.

“There is discrimination, Parliament can’t print even one braille, not to take home but to read and leave it here, what it means therefore, Chairperson, I will do it myself and put it here, I will do that at my own expense and I will pester you for that so that this can be put into brail.

“I am just trying to prove a point that when you MPs can’t push own your own how then do we expect you to push the needs of people with disabilities.

“Salaries are too meagre, I am not speaking as an objective of charity but as citizen and when we speak about these things, they are for the nation not for me.

His requests were responded by the Chairperson of the Committee Priscillah Misihairambwi who promised to work with him.






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