Disowned over HIV status

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Disowned over HIV status Marcus Masumbuko


Tariroyashe Goredema, H-Metro Reporter

A 20-year-old man is bitter after being disowned by his father over his HIV status.

Marcus Masumbuko recently discovered his HIV status after a short illness and has since left home allegedly after being disowned by his father.

Marcus, who has decided to go public about his status, said he was staying at Honourable Killer Zivhu’s homestead in Chivi.

He said his father disowned him and refused to pay his university school fees because of his status yet he knew that he was born terminally ill and it was never his fault.

Marcus’ father Costar Masumbuko yesterday could not be drawn much into the issue rubbishing this publication.

“I confronted my father about my status and he told me to commit suicide if it bothered me.

“What worried me most was that my father knew my status but never bothered to tell me so that I would start taking pills.

“All this came to light after I had a short illness at school and I went for testing with my friends,” he said.

Zivhu said the boy needed proper care, attention and counselling as he seemed to have symptoms of a bitter childhood.

“What this child needs is proper love, care and to proceed with his education.

“I request for Government and Non-Governmental organisations to step in and help him with education fees, a place to stay and good counselling because he is stressed,” Zivhu said.

In an interview with Marcus’ father Costar Masumbuko he said he had nothing to do with his child since he no longer stayed with him.

“Believe what you want, I do not care about him or what he thinks because I am done with him.

“Go ahead and write a story about it and I will be the first person to buy the newspaper,” Masumbuko said before hanging the phone.

Marcus said his plea was to go back to university and finish his studies so that he could take care of his grandmother.

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