Dispute lands in court

Millicent Chasinda

A DISPUTE over a market stall between two women has landed in the Harare Civil Court.

Pedzisai Tore accused her niece, Rudo Chidyiwa, of verbal abuse and putting juju at her workplace.

“I gave her a place for vending during the time I was married to her uncle, but we are now divorced.  Rudo insults me while people cheer her.

“At one time, I found juju at our workplace and I cannot take it anymore. I am asking that she be ordered to leave my vending stall since I am no longer married to her uncle,” said Pedzisai.

Rudo said she hadn’t been on speaking terms with Pedzisai, from the time she lodged a case against her.

“I do not talk to her,” said Rudo.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the application.

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