Diva fears social media backlash

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Diva fears social media backlash Faith Mazvita


Cynthia Marovhu, Entertainment Reporter

Gospel singer Faith Mazvita, who recently lost her husband in a horrific carjacking incident in South African, says she finds comfort in music.

Simply known as Faith M, the praise and worship star said she will continue having faith in Christ for strength.


She however told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle that the society harshly judges widows, especially in music.


“It is painful enough to find one in my situation who is young and passionate, yet broken and vulnerable.


“The society around us has been made to accept a female gospel singer who is decently married, dependant on some male figures for her dignity and voice in the industry and on platforms such as churches and public stations,” she said.


Faith M said sex predators and perverts were taking advantage of young and single women.


“One’s marital status is often entwined with their level of success and respect earned from the public.


“From producers to fans, they get exposed to sexual harassment with the impression that they are vacant,” she said.


She said she was heartbroken after losing her husband.


“I got married in 2016, and lost my beloved husband in July of 2021 in a tragic hijacking in South Africa.


“This took a huge toll on me and almost crushed my career and love for music and life in general,” said Faith M who was born in a Christina family.


Music wise, Faith M has been releasing music consistently.


“To date, I have released two singles so far namely Tenda (Trust in the Lord) in 2020 with a message of hope to everyone that irrespective of your gender, race, age or origin, God answers your prayers.


“My second single titled Gwenga was released exactly a month before the tragic loss of my husband who was very inspirational to my music.


“I’m currently working an album to be released soon,” she said.


She added:


“Apart from music, I am a qualified animal scientist who has worked as a general manager for a growing company in Durban.


“I also worked with community organisations such as the Aryan Benevolent Home for the aged, disabled and orphans in South Africa.


“Currently, I have relocated to Zimbabwe, Harare due to family matters.”


She however remains committed towards support other women in her condition.


“I send my love out there to all the women who have gone through similar experiences and encourages them to never trade their integrity for something they already deserve.


“Women are the pillars of this universe, and God has entrusted the spreading of the Good News to women through their talents.


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