Divas Inc lines up more Pop Ups

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Divas Inc lines up more Pop Ups


11 August 2017

ONLINE magazine Divas Inc’s editor, Josephine Kanengoni, says inasmuch as they are for women empowerment, they will cater for the male market at their next pop up store.

The editor and her Divas Inc Online team hosted over 30 exhibitors at a pop up store at Bronte Hotel Gardens over the weekend.

Many local designers pitched up and showcased their works though Josephine insisted that this was not intentional.

Instead, it showed how much local brands are working.

“It wasn’t a deliberate move to say we are just doing local brands but it just speaks to how much we are doing as local entrepreneurs in the beauty and fashion industry.

“It’s a testament to how well we are doing as women and it’s something to be proud of that most of these exhibitors are local.

“We realised that a lot of professional women love to shop and they want to have that experience but because they are so busy doing so many other things they cannot get all the things done in one day of shopping.

“So we thought why not bring together all those brands they want to run around for and bring them to one place, make it convenient and accessible for the professional Harare woman,” Kanengoni told H-Metro.

At least 200 men and women made rounds at the pop up store throughout the day and this has prompted the organisers to look into the male market.

The shopping experience was supposed to be laid back and stress free hence the set up at a refreshing and informal venue.

“It was pretty impressive I have to say for a first time event.

“What we realised is there was actually a significant number of men who came through and were looking to get a thing or two for themselves.

“That’s definitely something we’ll consider for our next event, brands and products to also cater to the male market,” she said.

Josephine said Divas Inc will be hosting more Pop ups as they were pleased with the direction the event took.

She added the goal was to give the best shopping experience whilst providing a ready market for the exhibitors.

“We will definitely be doing more of the Pop Ups.

“The idea of making shopping fun, convenient and accessible for the shoppers is such a welcome one for our market and the requests have been flying in to have these as a regular fixture on our calendars.

“Instead of spending a whole month of cumbersome sprees across town from one shop to another to get your lifestyle needs why not get it all done in just one day, in one place, now who wouldn’t want that?,” Kanengoni concluded.

Brands like Langa Cosmetics, Revlon, Avelyn, Dazzle, Thabile among others showed off their works on the day.

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