Diva’s son to follow in father’s footsteps

Maria Chiguvari

THE son of the late musician, Diva Mafunga, says he wants to take over from where his father left.

Chris started as a dancer with his father’s band before he became his father’s keyboardist in 2015.

To try and keep his father’s legacy alive, Chris has since released his first song titled “Handiende.”

“I started off as a dancer then, in 2015, I was now his keyboardist.

“Because of the love he had for his music, after his death, I just thought of continuing from where he left.

“This is my first song, which is one of the many to came, I pray that people will love my music so as to keep my father’s legacy alive.

“The new song is titled ‘Handiende’, it has this message to God that if you don’t go with me I will not go, just like in the bible where it is said ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthenes me.’”

He added:

“So, in this song I highlighted pekuti pane mabasa atinotanga asi kuti abudirire zvinoda Mwari vapindira, also kuripo kwatakaenda tikatadza kusvika nekuti tanga tisingatungamiriwe naMwari.

“My message is for us to put God first in everything that we do.”

The song was released on August 10, it was recorded and mastered by Antony Gasani ‘Garts_Media’.

“I did the lead vocals and keyboards, my sister Faith Mafunga provided the backing vocals and we also had my brother Tinashe Mafunga.

“This is my first time recording, but I have been doing music with my late father from when I was in primary school,” said Chris.

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