DJ Fantan drives friends while wife goes on foot

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DJ Fantan drives friends while wife goes on foot


Mathew Masinge

THEY came together, husband and wife, in the same car and for the same case.

But, at the end of proceedings, they were no longer the same unit.

Gamu Nemukuyu, the wife of DJ Fantan, even walked from the court while her husband drove off, in the company of his friends.

It captured the story of a dramatic day, in which the duo, having arrived together, appeared to be split apart, amid the dramatic developments.

H-Metro understands Gamu had been pressured to drop all the charges and, once she did that, a video would be recorded, in which H-Metro’s reporting would be trashed from all angles.

DJ Fantan had come without a lawyer, hoping the withdrawal of the case would be fast-tracked.

However, things did not go according to plan and probably explains why the couple did not drive away together.

Nemukuyu turned the tables during a vetting process when she notified authorities that she now wanted the matter to be heard in court.

Once it became clear that the original plan had changed, DJ Fantan was forced to engage a lawyer.

Some of his colleagues, including Ras Caleb, were at court.

The dreadlocked musician was in defensive mood.

Hatina kurova munhu, hapana kana akarwadziswa, he just destroyed a few household properties makutoita noise isina basa vanhu ve H-Metro. 

Zvakwana itai muchi balancer reporting,” Ras Caleb shouted.

In contrast, DJ Levels was all calm and collected throughout the show.

He played the mature guy and even helped calm DJ Fantan’s nerves.

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