DJ Ollah clears air on Shadaya interview

Maria Chiguvari

DJ Ollah 7 said Shadaya Knight cancelled his scheduled interview on Star FM’s On The Spot show, citing a clash with another show.

This comes after Shadaya had criticised the show on social media in January, saying it only invites “dubious celebs” and scandalous public figures.

DJ Ollah 7 said he would provide an interesting guest for the show regardless.

According to DJ Ollah 7, Alpha Male, as Shadaya is popularly known, phoned him last week Tuesday asking for an interview.

DJ Ollar 7 had posted on his social media platforms that Shadaya would feature in the after-drive show, On The Spot, on Monday.

DJ Ollah 7 said Shadaya had told him that he was cancelling the show at the last minute, indicating that it was clashing with the “Denny J show”.

“Shadaya Knight got in touch with me hours ago telling me that he won’t make it to the show tomorrow (yesterday) because they have another show they did which is scheduled to be aired tomorrow (yesterday) with another team.

Shadaya Knight

“When he first approached me last week asking for this interview, he assured me that he will definitely come to the show despite his recent criticism of my show.

“So, I understand that if he comes, my show might overshadow the other one they did. I will keep you posted, but definitely I will give you a very interesting guest,” said DJ Ollah 7.

Shadaya took to social media in January and dragged DJ Ollah’s show in the mud, saying it only invited “dubious celebs” and scandalous public figures.

“No offence to DJ Ollah, but which proper celeb or respectable public figure have you heard on that After Drive show? Only dubious celebs show up there. That show thrives on scandals, so the moment you find yourself on that show, know your status/reputation yato-shaker,” he posted in January.

From that post, people assumed he would never go to Star FM for an interview.

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