DJ Towers: I forgive Mahwindo

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DJ Towers: I forgive Mahwindo Mahwindo


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OUTSPOKEN socialite and entertainer, DJ Towers, says he has forgiven fellow celebrity, Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa, after she insinuated that he betrayed the late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

He said their tiff with Mahwindo started when he decided to stop serving Ginimbi’s business interests, after his death.


Ginimbi died on November 8, 2020, along with fitness trainer, Moana, and two other friends, after their car was involved in an accident, on their way to Domboshava, from a party at Dreams Nite Club.


Prior to Ginimbi’s death, DJ Towers said he was hired to provide entertainment, among other errands, but he has since stopped serving his former boss’ interests.


“I understand Mahwindo’s viewpoint and I will simply say sorry to her if I betrayed Ginimbi, as she has been telling people.


“One thing that Mahwindo should understand is that my contract with Ginimbi ended after his death but I still respect Ginimbi such that each year I have been putting flowers on his grave as a sign of respect.


“I do appreciate all that Ginimbi did, when he took me from Wood Pub & Grill, where I was not paid well to Dreams Nite Club, where I earned a lot.

DJ Towers (centre) with the late Ginimbi (left)

“However, I decided to walk away because the person who could afford to pay me for my services was Ginimbi and no one else.


“To cut the long story short, I say Mahwindo is entitled to her opinion and to end this tiff, I say sorry to Mahwindo but I deserve to make my choices in life,” he said.


Mahwindo was a very close relative of the late Ginimbi.


She has, on many occasions, been hailing the late businessman for all the good things he did in her life and their family.


Contacted by H-Metro, Mahwindo refused to comment on the matter before adding, “Stop taking things from my database, especially kana musipo coz I will (be) joking.”

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