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RISING entertainer, Trymore ‘DJ Tryazz’ Mudzipurwa, believes that drug and substance abuse can be combated if youths learn to create opportunities for themselves.

DJ Tryazz, who grew up in Marange, said he is worried about the drug and substance abuse pandemic.

“I grew up in an environment that has little to no opportunities for young people but I was driven by determination and the hunger to succeed,” he said.

“Some of my peers in the village took to alcohol, drugs and substance abuse but I believed in my capabilities as an entertainer from a very early age and I pursued that. 

“I did not want my background to negatively influence my life.”

He said the youths should strive to create opportunities with the little they have.

A life of drugs and substance abuse can lead to physical health issues, including liver damage, heart problems, respiratory issues and an increased risk of infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. 

Mental health can also be severely affected leading to conditions such as depression.

 “The journey has not been easy because Harare can be intimidating for outsiders but when things didn’t go well for me, I did not lose hope. 

“I did not resort to a life of drugs simoply because life was not smiling at me.

“I offered my services for free in churches and other functions and now I have a huge following because of the quality, patience and consistency that I exhibit in my work. 

“I am now providing entertainment for influential people.”

He added:

“All this came because I chose to believe in my skills and persevered even when it did not make sense. 

“I could have gone the drugs route but I chose not to. 

“Young people should also follow suit,” he said.

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