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…Nash TV hosts clash event

Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

ONLINE television channel, Nash TV, last Saturday aired a highly entertaining deejays clash event that has since started a rejuvenation process of the clash culture that was fading.

Dubbed Zim Duplate Clash, the DJs clash was held in conjunction with the Zim Clash Vibes Group that featured top dancehall wheel-spinners Kivo Santana and Mighty Ducks battling each other.

Mighty Ducks

Popular emcee and Power FM radio presenter, Merciless Zimbabwe, hosted the most successful event.


The tightly contested battle saw the two wheel-spinners only playing custom made local dancehall songs in what they call “dubplates” in the dancehall clash culture.


This was the second deejays clash event that Nash TV aired.


Mighty Ducks who walked away winner on the night said:


“I felt super excited as that win kicks open many more doors for not only me but for our movement.


“We believe we making baby steps, steps in the right direction.


“I would want to see the clash culture come back to the entertainment front since most selectors (deejays) had given up.


“It seems they had given up because of many reasons such as lack of inclusion, change in market preference in terms of what the audience consumes and promoters shying away from selectors and sounds system in favour of the artistes just to mention a few.”


He added:


“Clashing is a good form of entertainment, be it 45 clash or dubplate clash.


“Every selector or DJ boasts of a good following array of exclusive songs and every selector is a number one in their area of dominance until you put them all in one room for a clash.


” If this concept is well executed well we believe this might be a game changer for the industry and all aspiring and established sectors.”


Kivo Santana described the event as a success saying it was not about who won on the night but selling the dream and culture of clashing.


” Saturday was a big success, many thanks to Nash TV and Zim Clash Vibes Group.


“I am happy because we managed to sell a culture that has so much potential.


” This was a good step in the right direction and I am positive with this attitude we will get far.


“The support was great and we encourage every more deejays to come through and be part of this culture.”


Similar sentiments were echoed by the host of the show Merciless who added:


“The clash culture is all about artistes and sound systems or deejays supporting each other.


“It’s a positive move for Zim dancehall and will see the genre grow bigger because of this culture.


“This was the second clash and in terms of numbers the show had a good viewership.


” It shows that there is an interest in the general public.


“We also hope to have more and more sounds coming through and we would want to thank Tinashe Mutarisi, Butterphly, Zim Clach Vibes Group and the viewers.”

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