‘Do not panic over flu’

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‘Do not panic over flu’ Dr Agnes Mahomva


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GOVERNMENT has urged the public not to panic over the current suspected outbreak of a flu, saying that it was not Covid-19 related.

People have been raising concern over the influenza outbreak on different social media platforms.

They claim the symptoms were similar to those exhibited by people suffering from Covid-19, including fever, accompanied by severe headaches.

However, Chief Coordinator of the Covid-19 Task Force in Zimbabwe, Dr Agnes Mahomva, said people should not panic as the flu bug was not Covi-19 related.

“As everyone is aware by now, if you have a flu and it is presenting Covid-19 symptoms, your first port of call should be to isolate, and get tested if possible,” she said.

“The first thing the public should do is to protect themselves so if you test and find that it is not Covid-19, you are safe.

“But, that does not mean that you do not adhere to the Covid-19 precautions.

“As far as we are concerned, we haven’t had a spike in Covid-19 cases so the flu doing rounds is not Covid-19.”

A doctor from a local hospital, who chose not to be named, confirmed receiving cases of the viral flu.

“The majority of children at this hospital are presenting flu-like symptoms, we have been getting these cases for quite a long time,” the doctor said.

“The flu is very contagious and it is a very strong one.”

A lot of parents have been complaining about this flu.

One parent said that one of her kids had this flu and it was passed to the other two.

“My child came back from school with a flu and she had a high temperature,” said Juliet Ngirazi, who has a child at a private school in the capital.

“I then went with her to the clinic and she was given medication, she was coughing and sneezing, the flu had Covid-19 like symptoms.

“The flu only took about three days and after that it was gone.

“On the days that she had the flu, she was not going to school because we thought it was coronavirus.”

Another parent, Charles Matamba, said his daughter started complaining about a sore throat.

“From then she had a sore throat and nasty cough, all within a few hours.

“Of all the symptoms she experienced, stomach ache and diarrhoea are the only ones that she did not experience.

“We took her to the doctor where she was given antibiotics, cough syrup, and painkillers.

“So far, she is responding to the medication well.”

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