Do what you love, the rest will follow

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Do what you love, the rest will follow


9 August 2018

UPCOMING musician Tafadzwa Matiure has released his debut track titled ‘Sango’ and he is now working on the visuals to support the song.

Matiure said music has always been his dream and it was amazing that everything started falling in place the moment he chose that path.

“Sango is my greatest achievement. I’m still studying music but managed to come up with something under my name.

“Music is mainly influenced by talent rather than passion, however passion is required in everything we do.

“I love music with passion and I’m even in the process of attaining my degree at Midlands State University,” he said.

Matiure said at first he thought studying music was a waste of time but with the amount of joy music is bringing in his life he now thinks otherwise.

“No profession is useless, what matters in life is for one to do what they love and the rest will follow.

“I know of many people who are considered legends through music and I trust that one day my name will be on the list.

“It might take time before I reach where I’m going but I know with patience everything will make total sense,” he said.

Matiure added:

“When you are in your rightful field, opportunities follow you.

“Last year we were nominated the winners of Dream Star Zimbabwe and went to China this year to represent our country at a festival held there.

“This made me realise that I can go places with music especially if I put more effort in it.”

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