Doctor warns of fourth Covid-19 wave

19 Aug, 2021 - 09:08 0 Views
Doctor warns of fourth Covid-19 wave PROFESSOR Solwayo Ngwenya


Zvikomborero Parafini, Court Reporter
Professor Solwayo Ngwenya has warned Zimbabweans to remain vigilant and reduce human interaction lest they brew up a fourth wave of Covid-19.
Prof Ngwenya spoke to H-Metro yesterday in a wide ranging interview on the current state of affairs with regards to Covid-19 following the seeming reduction in numbers of new cases and Covid-19 related deaths.

Q: There seems to be a decline in numbers of infections and deaths, according to official stats. What do we attribute this to?

A: There seems to be a decline in numbers of infections due to reduced testing. Coronavirus hasn’t gone away; it’s around in the community, it’s still spreading and causing continuous deaths.

Q: Is there a possibility of a fourth wave?

A: Unfortunately, because of human behaviour, at a global scale, there will be other waves coming. Coronavirus appears to follow human traffic the moment you start human interaction it will grow.

I’m afraid the fourth wave is going to be in the making very soon. I can see even yourself you are starting to talk about lightening the lockdown, so once it is lightened, you are going to light a fire. I’m afraid that the message remains the same, the consistency of Solwayo Ngwenya of Bulawayo is that people must respect that the coronavirus is a terrible disease that has befallen human kind.

According to my predictions, this disease is not going to go away without taking many lives going forward. It’s incumbent on people that instead of taking warnings as alarmist behaviour, sit down and think carefully, take heed of what we always say, the consistent warning that coronavirus is a serious disease.

It has already taken thousands of lives since I last spoke to H-Metro and it is going to take more unfortunately because human behaviour plays right into the path of the virus and we have a population that wants to relax, sleep walking straight into a bonfire. Fourth and fifth or whatever waves are going to be of our making and if we are not careful, we are going to brew up a big wave which is going to consume and kill many people.

Q: Is there any relation to the transition from winter?
A: It has nothing to do with winter, the Delta variant doesn’t seem to be following a seasonal trend, it appears to attack humans wherever it can find them. What we are seeing is reduced testing which is appearing to be the third wave wailing off but I can assure you that very soon, there will be increased levels of human interactions after falsely thinking that the infections are low. The increase in human interaction, will lead up to a fourth wave in three or four months and cause more catastrophic deaths.

Q: What should be done going forward?
A: Going forward we must maintain our vigilance, the coronavirus still remains a threat to human health and life. It’s a global pandemic, no one knows it’s origins or how to fight it so all we need to strengthen our restrictive measures and make sure that every person is aware about all the dangers we face.

Q: Is there a reason to lighten lockdown measures?
A: Once we relax and lift lockdown regulations, there will be exuberant excitement, people mixing, meeting and partying, so I’m afraid I don’t see lockdowns going away very soon, I think they are here for quite a few years to come.

This coronavirus is still here for about three or four years to come, so I think once we relax the lockdown we are going to have an eruption in more infections and deaths due to the excitement that accompanies the relaxation of lockdowns. The population becomes very excitable and they start engaging in measures that favour the growth and spread of the coronavirus.

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