DOG DRAGS HUMAN LEG. . . Leads to the recovery of a woman’s body

Ndaramo Runyararo

A DOG, which was dragging a human leg, triggered investigations which led to the recovery of the mutilated body of a woman who had been missing for THREE weeks.

The dog was seen dragging the leg in a forest close to Handerson Farm, along the Harare-Bulawayo highway. A police report was filed and police took the leg to a mortuary in Chegutu.

The owners of the dog then used it to trace the body of the woman.

The residents later found the body close to Norton. The body was that of Magret Zulu, 60, of Norton, who had been missing for three weeks.

Her relatives say her body was found with a number of body parts missing.

The eyes had been removed while her private parts were also missing.

Magret’s sister, who identified herself as Mai Rupara, said she identified the skirt she was wearing the day she went missing.

“I only managed to identify my sister’s skirt, which she was wearing. She left home three weeks ago and we were busy looking for her to an extent that we put posters notifying the public.

“We found her without another leg but it is said that there is another leg that was found in the other compound nearby.

“I am not sure yet whether the leg is hers or not.”

The deceased’s daughter-in-law said her other body parts were still missing, which has forced them to postpone the burial.

“Her other body parts are still missing, including a leg, the body has no eyes and her private parts were also removed.

“Margret was once raped so, maybe, she was murdered and then dumped in the bushes.

“I believe the leg in Chegutu is hers since it was found near Brian farm.

“We are still waiting for the doctors to match the leg with the body.

“As a family we are waiting for the police to do further investigations and if, by any chance, those private parts are found, then we will make our own further investigations.”

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