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DON DADA, SHAV-A IN COLLABO Don Dada (left) and Shav-a


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Zimbabwe born reggae artiste Menelik “Don Dada” Gibbons has been selected to do the song No No No with Jamaican star Shavanique ‘Shav-A’ Allen.

The track was produced by legendary Jamaican producer Gary G and Sly Dubar for the project.


“I feel really blessed that I was chosen for such a huge track and to be endorsed by Sly Dunbar himself, major milestone in my career.


“The song No No No is performed by Jamaican born singer and songwriter Shavanique Allen aka Shav-A daughter of internationally acclaimed reggae star Admiral Tibet and myself, African humanitarian, RuFF CuTT Studio owner.


“No No No is a modern rendition of the classic “You don’t love me (no no no) that was popularised by Dawn Pen in 1994.


“It was also redone by a host of artists with the most recent begin Beyonce in 2018 with her own rendition of the song begin sung when she headlined cochlea music festival,” he said.


Don Dada said it is an incredible honour to be the first African associated to the song.


“It is of huge significant not only for myself but also for African music in general to be a part of a project of this magnitude and to work with people the calibre of Gary G Sly Dunbar and Shav-A by creating links between the Caribbean and Africa that will be strengthened over time.


“I am currently busy promoting my recent singles that I have released including Big Daddy/ Papi Grande featuring jah Fabio from Mexico.


“The latest being No No No featuring Shav-A from Jamaica and strengthening my working relationships in central America and the Caribbean, all while doing my weekly online radio show inna di trenches on soundwave every Thursday from 5pm central African time,” he added.


Don Dada bemoaned the effects of Covid-19.


“It has made it difficult to work with other artiste on collaborations in the physical sense and it has affected our revenue stream from performances, thankfully the internet has provided ways around certain thing.


“Now online sessions are now a part of life but digital cannot replace the feeling live when it comes to performances but health and safety of human life is the most important thing and hopefully we pick up where we left off once a solution is found,” he added.

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