Donavan: Music is a calling

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Donavan: Music is a calling Donavan Muwamba


Curtworth Masango, Entertainment Reporter

Gospel musician Donavan Muwamba believes music is an inborn thing and considers it a calling from God.

The talented artiste, who has a strong Christian background, is inspired to write songs from the scriptures and his surroundings.

“I am into music because it’s a calling. For me it is an inborn thing that was with me from day one. When I gave my life to Jesus I then dedicated myself to sing gospel.


“I do this genre because am inspired by what I see, feel, what God tells and what he reveals to me.


Donavan believes that gospel music has a large fan base and appreciated a lot in Zimbabwe, as most people are religious and mostly Christians.


“Gospel music is appreciated for those who know the right path of life and those who want to mend their ways with the Lord.


“It rejuvenates and gives hope to lost souls. By its power and coexistence to the human soul, gospel music has many fans who need to soothe their souls.


“As a gospel artist everyone is my target audience as my mission is to reach and touch as many souls as I can,” he said.


The 25-year-old bemoaned the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which was declared a national disaster barely a year ago and induced lockdown restrictions that affected daily normalcy.


Despite the challenges, he took his time during the lockdown to work on his projects and map a way forward going into the future.


“My musical journey is a tough one, I have been through a lot of different challenges at every stage of my professional career.


“From promoters and money to pay for studio sessions though the recent major one became the Covid-19 related lockdown.


“It stifled chances of us reaching and playing to the audience. Under normal circumstances we play in church services and conference which became barred as to avoid congestion of people at one place.


“However, I took my time in this lockdown to perfect my works and further on my projects without pressure. In other words for me it became a blessing in disguise as I managed to have time to plan my musical and social life,” he said.


Donavan said is set to release a new gem titled Ndinewe, which was inspired by the scriptures in the book of Isaiah.


“Currently am working on a new single track called Ndinewe, I wrote the song after inspired by the scripture of Isaiah 41:10 and Isaiah 43:1-2.


“The scriptures speak of God’s steadfast love and commitment for the upkeep of his children,” he added.

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