l Celebrities cast their votes in H-Town

l Mahendere hails swift voting process

Trust Khosa and Maria Chiguvari

FOR the local celebrities, there was only one thing on their menu yesterday CASTING THEIR VOTE.

From superstar Jah Prayzah, who is set for a show in the United Kingdom this weekend, to renowned dub poet Albert Nyathi, it was all about exercising their constitutional right to define their country’s destiny.

JP, as Jah Prayzah is affectionately known, was among the early birds who went to cast their votes.

Clad in a red tracksuit, and matching trainers, Jah Prayzah’s video, queuing to cast his ballot in Harare, has since gone viral.

He cracked jokes with fans as he waited patiently for his turn.

Amos Mahendere

Asked if, indeed, he had really come to vote, he responded:

Mudhara ndozvatakatomirira panapa, takatomirira but tiri kumashure.”

Around mid-morning, Jah Prayzah shared another video at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport captioned “Happy voting, Stay in peace,” with a heart emoji.

One of his followers on Instagram, diana_rumbie, hailed the singer for promoting peace.

“Thank you for voting and keeping it your secret, that way us your fans will forever respect you,” said the fan.

Albert Nyathi, who cast his ballot in Westgate, Harare, was impressed by the voting process.

“I cast my vote in the morning. The atmosphere was quiet and friendly, with people smiling everywhere.

“I hope it remains that way throughout the country and, more so, after the announcement of the results,” he said.

Mathias Mhere

Fellow musician and herbalist, Diana “Samkange” Mangwenya said:

“This is my third time to vote, the progress was slow but, above all that, I am always proud to exercise my right to vote all the time as a Zimbabwean.

“There was peace and calmness, too. It is a good sign that Zimbabweans are peace-loving people who appreciate nyika yavo.”

The Comic Pastor, who voted at Greendale Primary School, said:

“I can safely say this was my fourth time to vote and I was impressed by the service I got when I went to vote.

“It took me 30 minutes to be served and there was no intimidation or frustration, as the officials were friendly.

“The elderly people were assisted to vote, and I really enjoyed the process.”

Father Amos Mahendere praised Chitungwiza residents for voting in peace.

“I’m feeling happy after exercising my democratic right to vote this morning (yesterday) at Unit G open space.

AGARTHA Murudzwa

“I was number 583 on the voters roll and the process was quick.

“At 9:30am, I had already finished voting. The service I got in Chitungwiza was excellent,” he said.

Socialite and girl-child activist, Chembere Good, cast her vote in Westgate.

Kuno it is peaceful, vanhu are going about the day as usual. I am really impressed with the level of maturity people have shown us,” she said.

Ace music promoter, Josh Hozheri, said business commitments delayed him in the morning.

Ndiri kutogeza ndimhanyeko,” he said.

Suluman Chimbetu was a patient man in the long queue in Mabelreign.

“I’m still waiting for my turn to vote.”

Dino Mudondo who voted in Greencroft, also braved the long queues.

“I’m there in Greencroft asi kwakazarisa,” he said.

Mathias Mhere cast his vote in Waterfalls, Harare.

“This is my fourth time voting in national elections. The experience was awesome; I was in Waterfalls where everything went well.

Chembere Good

“We had no problem, I learnt a lot through the process. As celebrities, we should participate in what is happening in our country,” he said.

Controversial artist DJ Towers said:

“Let’s stop sharing (funny) videos my friends. Let’s go in numbers and vote. Social media does not win elections but our participation matters a lot,” he said.

Gospel diva, Agartha Murudzwa, who has settled well in Harare, also participated in the voting process.

“I voted early morning. I was exercising my right as a Zimbabwean,” she said.

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