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28 May 2018

Mark Harrison

HARARE City coach Mark Harrison admits Ngezi Platinum are a class above them but is not happy with how goalie Donovan Bernard escaped a red card at Baobab on Saturday.

Bernard was forced to handle the ball outside the box when he was last man at a time Harare City’s Malvern Gaki was in a scoring position.

The referee gave him a yellow instead in a game Ngezi Platinum quickly responded positively to outclass the Sunshine Boys 3-1.

Donovan Bernard

“It seems to be every week now. I spoke to the referee just now and I said it is a game changing decision,” Harrison said.

“The goalkeeper is out of the box, he is the last man in defence, his handball is deliberate and he walks away with a yellow card. It is a red card, that is the rule of the game.

“And after five minutes, that changes the whole complexion of the game, it let them off the hook, gives them a lift. It was an unreal decision. That is what I can say.

“Maybe it is a mistake. I don’t know what it is. But the decision is a poor one.”

Terrence Dzvikamanja, Kelvin Bulaji and James Nguluve were on target for Ngezi while Wilfred Muvirimi scored for Harare City.

Harare City’s great run came to an end in the process and they will now be focusing on Highlanders.

“You have to bounce back and that is what you do next. We have a big game next week, at home to Highlanders, and we have to have a response from the players.

“They have to come back and show what they are about.”

Harrison hailed Ngezi Platinum.

“But like I said you have to take off your hats for Ngezi Platinum, they were quality.

“They were absolute quality. In transition, they were frightening and that’s what we want to do.

“Without transition, we were too slow. You have to be a bit more positive and a bit more forceful.

“Sometimes in football you have to put your hands up and I think we got rolled over by a very good side.

“They were better than us and without any doubt, they are going to compete for the championship.

“FC Platinum will have to work every second of every game because this is a top team and they smashed us today,” he said.

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