‘Don’t compare artistes’

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‘Don’t compare artistes’ Mambo Dhuterere


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

Award-winning gospel musician, Mambo Dhuterere, says people should not compare artistes, as they are different and called to serve different purposes.

Dhuterere, who recently scooped the Best Traditional Gospel Song gong at the PERMICAN Awards ceremony, said people should appreciate artistes just the way they are.

“I find no reason to be comparing artistes, tiri vanhu vakasiyana vakatumwa kuita zvakasiyana so there is really no need to compare our music.

“Vaimbi vanoparidza zvakasiyana.

“My gospel music is different from other gospel musicians and so is theirs to others, so people should just chose the music they prefer and not compare us.

“Muimbi wese mutumwa asi ane muparidziro wakewo wakasiyana nevamwe wese so it’s just a case of choosing zvinokuitira.

“Music should unite people and not cause divisions because of these comparisons,’ said Dhuterere.

He went on thank fans supporting his music and said he is on a mission is to spread the gospel and give them good music.

“I thank everyone that is supporting my music, I really appreciate the support above all I thank God for the talent.

“Music is something I do passionately and all I want is to preach through my music,” he added.

He also urged musicians to have respect for each regardless status.

“Upcoming or established, artistes should have mutual respect for each other regardless their status or number of years they have been doping music for.

“When there is respect for each amongst artistes, there is better music produced,” he said.







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