Lucia Mazhou

TWENTY-YEAR-OLD girl child rights advocate says women should break free from islands where abuse is normalised.

Sharon Munodawafa, who is also a model, says women face various challenges, especially when it comes to relationships.

“When given love, she can transform it into affection.

“However, this acceptance can be dangerous, as it paves the way for understanding and forgiveness, making it difficult for a woman to break free from an abusive partner,” she said.

Sharon said the struggles faced by many individuals, who are desperately seeking relief from anxiety and emotional fatigue, comes from their inability to forgive, without seeing any change.

“Some end up harbouring resentment and anger, attempting to maintain their relationships.

“When hurt, some resort to yelling, while others become aggressive.

“Mwanasikana ukaona uchirohwa harusi rudo, rudo harurove. Usamirire kubviswa chiremerera until you decide to walk away.”

Despite the challenges they face, she encouraged women to control their emotions.

“Naturally, when you are hurt, you may feel the urge to retaliate and experience pain.

“However, it is not advisable to do so, as it could lead to consequences,” said Sharon.

The cycle of abuse, followed by apologies, gifts, and temporary affection, creates a dependency similar to that of a drug addiction, making it difficult for the woman to break free.

“There is no valid reason to remain in an abusive relationship. It is time to stop being a victim and start being a survivor.

“Embrace your strength, wear your crown, and be the catalyst for change in the next generation.”

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