Maria Chiguvari and Mangaliso Kabulika

LAWRENCE ‘Pastor Haisa’ Mujehe says artists should not just “hop from one bed to another”.

He says they must stay away from drug and substance abuse and promiscuity.

He was speaking at the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association stakeholders’ awareness workshop held in Harare yesterday.

Pastor Haisa encouraged artists to value self-control and focus on creating music that has a lasting message.

“Artists must practise self-control when it comes to their impulses. 

“You must not jump from one bed to the other or from one relationship to another.

Tinoda ma artists anozvibata, both women and men. 

Siyanai nezvinodhaka nekuti umwe anoti handiyimbe gospel regai ndidhakwe.

“Music is music and there is no excuse for drug and substance abuse as every genre has the ability to shape the behaviour of listeners.

“Artists must also work hard in their music composition. 

“We want songs that will last for decades and that have a message that has the ability to make listeners change for the better.

“Contemporary artists must emulate their predecessors such as Simon Chimbetu whose music is still relevant up to now. 

“They must not create music that only lasts a day.”

Musician Mono Mukundu said:

“The era of dumb musicians is over. 

“Musicians must attend such workshops so that we shape each other in all aspects and discuss issues that affect us.

“Artists must be aware that talent is not enough as music is now a business which requires one to be intellectual and, therefore, I urge all artists to upgrade their education.”

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