Don’t lose hope: Murudzwa

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Don’t lose hope: Murudzwa Agartha Murudzwa


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

GOSPEL diva Agartha Murudzwa reckons trying times are part of life where only God has answers.

The Mutare bred queen of worship and praise said after releasing a her single titled He Is Able Hossana on Wednesday.

Coincidentally, the single coincided with her birthday.


And in her birthday message, Murudzwa said people need to remain film and resolute while praying to God.


“We are in trying times but we mustn’t lose hope despite is losing some of our close relatives who used to look after us.


“In my case, I will be releasing a single titled He is able Hossana where we are giving hope to both believers and non-believers to have faith in God.


“The single will also be released on my birthday and it was recorded at G Makumbe Studios,” she said.


On her 2021 resolutions, she explained:


“I had planned to record a number of videos of my latest 12th album Zvitsauko that we launched last year during the festive season.


“Since video production involves a lot of travelling, I will certainly shelve some of my plans and wait until the situation is ideal for us to carry on with the work.


“As a law-abiding citizen will simply wait to hear from the authorities and see how we go about it.


“At the moment what is important is to contain the spread of the virus by adhering to all the set rules.


“It’s a phase that we need to embrace and take heed of otherwise we will die like flies.”


Murudzwa, who has since relocated to the capital in her audience building and rebranding mission, urged fellow musicians to devise other survival skills.


“Of course we used to rely on musical shows but its high time we diversify and do other things because time is flying.


“Some of us are ageing while others have a lot of responsibilities and we can afford to wait for proceeds from musical shows to be able to make ends meet,” she added.


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