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7 June 2016

ALTHOUGH she will try to downplay the real impact of the social media abuse she has suffered over the past week, the truth is Lisa Chiriseri has been haunted by the false reports linking her to the dirty sex tape featuring Acie Lumumba.

It is not easy to live with such a reputation even when it is true but the fact that she is NOT the one must have made this a nightmarish week for Lisa.

It is not easy to know that all your friends, siblings and parents are reading falsehoods about you on social media over issues to do with pornography no matter who you are.

But when your parents are church founders and you have a reputation as a Christian and are the face of a children’s organization like Lisa, the torment must be a notch higher.

So each time you saw an image of Lisa with the false allegations and forwarded the message ignorantly – because she spots the same hairstyle as the girl in the sex tape or because they have similar lips or eyes – you were causing an innocent young woman enormous stress.

You should not have forwarded that image and those messages without proof. That is why we try to speak to subjects of our stories before we publish their issues in the media. Everyone who knows Lisa will easily realize she is not the woman in Lumumba’s sex tape.

The benefits to whoever is circulating the hoax are non-existent, yet people continue to circulate rumours like truth.

That is the danger of circulating falsehoods, many gullible minds will perceive them as truth and the damage to reputations can seldom be undone.

As the National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi always says, the law will take its course on anyone who will be found causing alarm through the circulation of unfounded and false messages.

It is dangerous for people to spread lies through social media as this can not only destroy the images of other people or organisations but also land them in trouble.

We once published a story of a false message that was circulating on WhatsApp alleging that one of the Munhenzva buses was intercepted while trying to smuggle two dead bodies at the Beitbridge Border Post in what was a clear indication that someone wants to ruin the image of Munhenzva.

Such a smear campaign is very harmful even after the report has been certified false.
It is illegal to forward messages that are potentially harmful to someone’s reputation without verifying if they are true.

The real culprit is out there and when her identity is known, she will be spoken to. For now, the only known party in that sex tape is Acie Lumumba and spreading rumours that the woman involved is Lisa is sad and harmful to an innocent young lady.

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