Dorcas Moyo hails internet

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Dorcas Moyo hails internet Dorcas Moyo


Tichavona Makonese
TALENTED gospel musician, Dorcas Moyo, says the internet has had a positive impact on the work of artists.

Moyo said the internet has helped artists to market their music.

“Personally, I have no qualms with the impact that the internet has had, not only on my music, but for a host of all other artists.

“Music is now accessible from anywhere across the globe.

“The fact that most internet sites are paying out royalties is an icing to the cake.

“I, however, do not take the adverse effects that it has brought to artists lightly, as well.

“The availability of a plethora of internet sites which have music has also fuelled the cancer of piracy that has elbowed an avalanche of artists out of the industry.

“By and large, if properly managed and utilised, the internet can be a game-changer for talented artists,” she said.

Moyo reckons upcoming artists need patience to excel.

“Patience, persistence and prayer, these three Ps should never vacate the life of a gospel artist otherwise one will be frustrated to the grave.

“There are ups and downs along the way but if you believe God planted a gift in you, pursue it.

“Learn from seasoned artists and accept your fate.

“Jimmy D the Psalmist, Rebecca Malope, Sipho Makabane and Minister Mahendere, all these artists will be a dream come true.

“I can also not afford to ignore Jah Prayzah, given his ocean of talent.

“The old adage practice makes perfect is very true in my journey. It is key to take music just like any other high demanding profession.

“Commitment is a major ingredient in whatever we do, let’s do it as if it’s our last chance to make an impression,” she added.

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