Douglas Chimbetu speaks out

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Douglas Chimbetu speaks out


30 January 2019

…I respect my brothers/cousins

Dendera kings boss Douglas Chimbetu has heaped praises to his cousins and father saying they were his doyens when it came to music.

Douglas commended his cousins Suluman and Tryson and his father Allan saying they were his heroes be it at home and in the music circles.

H-Metro’s SANDISO NDLOVU caught up with Douglas, who spoke about his music career and personal life:

SN: What are your plans for the first quarter of this year?

DC: Right now l am in negotiations with my cousins, I want to release my third album and l want to include all my cousins including my dad and the album is going to be called Reverse Parking.

SN: Why Reverse Parking?

DC: l thought about this name when things do not to seem to be going forward for me in the music industry; they seem to be going backwards hence the name Reverse Parking.

SN: You have been on low profile why?

DC: It’s not like l have been on silent; l have been doing shows but not in Harare. I have had so many shows outside the capital.

SN: On album drought, what’s happening?

DC: It’s because of lack of marketing that’s why I am planning to include my brothers on my third album, so this time that’s why I want to include Sulu on my latest offering because of the connections he has that will help market my album and he has a studio that I can use.

SN: Sounds like people are going digital why are you going to stick to analogue?

DC: I am sticking to analogue because I once tried going digital but the Dendera sound was lost and that’s not what I want. So I am going to mix analogue and digital at the same time maintaining the Dendera genre.

SN: Who is managing your affairs?

DC: Samson Frank has been managing my shows for four years now, he looks for shows for me and books them for me but he does not manage the band; he only book shows.

SN: lf not doing music how do you pay your band members?

DC: I have fixed contracts in many clubs around the country so that’s where l get money to pay my band and I also have a PA system which I hire out to upcoming artist and they pay a small fee.

SN: Amongst the Chimbetus, how do you rank yourself?

DC: Inini hangu ndakapenga but l salute my cousins and my father; they are way ahead of me and I have a lot to learn from them that’s why I want to rope them in on my latest offering.

SN: People say you are now a nonentity. What do you say?

DC: Handipere zvekumhanya. l still have the time and power, and wait and see I am going to send waves to the country with my upcoming album Reverse Parking.

SN: What is your spouse name?

DC: Memory Mapako and l wouldn’t refer her as my spouse but my life partner because she has always been supportive.

SN: How many kids do you have?

DC: I have one kid and he is called Allan, named after my father.

SN: What’s your favourite dish?

DC: Sadza and gango

SN: What are your childhood memories?

DC: I still remember singing during assembly time when l was in pre-school and my teachers were astonished by my performance. I also had the opportunity to be a master of ceremonies at a mock wedding held at my school. In other words l was the master of organising entertainment.

SN: A short review of your academic background?

DC: Well, l did my primary school at Kuwadzana Primary School and ended my Form Four at Allan Wilson. I didn’t have the opportunity to continue with my studies as my mind was focused on music. I love singing.

SN: Have you ever participated in any charity organization?

DC: Yes, l once donated some clothes and food at Waterfalls orphanage and another orphanage in Machipisa. With God’s grace I’m going to do more this year. Growing up my mother used to tell me that the more you give the more receive and that’s my principle for this year.

SN: Who inspires you?

DC: My dad and no one else. He’s has always been my mentor since day one.

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