Dr Marisa warns public on Covid 19

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Dr Marisa warns public on Covid 19 DR Marisa


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Doctor Johannes Marisa has warned the public about Covid-19 cases imported from neighboring South Africa.
Dr Marisa, who is the MDPPZA, Medical and Dental Private Practitioners Zimbabwe Association Interim President, said South Africa situation is bad.
“South Africa kwayipa (there is danger in South Africa now), likely we are going to be hit in the next few days, because South Africa now, if you noticed, it is going to become the next epicentre after India, and we are likely going to have a lot of cases coming to Zimbabwe, because all people from South Africa are now coming through illegal points like Chikwalakwala, Gezani, Chikombedzi, because they are trying to evade this mandatory quarantine time, so we have to be very-very much alert. If you notice yesterday, we lost 192 lives in South Africa from this virus, with 10 234 new COVID 19 infections, which is quite alarming, so we have to be very-very much cautious whilst taking personal action in jealously preventing this virus.” pleaded Dr Marisa.
Dr Marisa also successfully united plus 400 bighearted Zimbabwean private medical and dental practitioners to form MDPPZA, to help the needy and vulnerable souls starting at Highfield Old People’s Home, in Harare on Friday, 10 July.
Dr Marisa, who is the Organisation’s Interim President, spoke about the donation,
“We are going there on Friday, we have noted that this old people’s home in Highfield has starving occupants, they do not have food or drugs for their chronic illnesses and so forth, so we are going there as an association of doctors, not all of doctors but an association of private practitioners that includes nurses, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, and we are going to offer voluntary or 100% free professional and humanitarian services to them as part of our corporate social responsibility to give back to our communities that educated us.
“Firstly, we are going to medically see them as patients then donate our goods and groceries that include mealie-meal, cooking oil and so forth to them this Friday on 10 July 2020” said Dr Marisa.
“To the whole world, rich or poor, I say there are so many corporates that are prospering in Zimbabwe, even under this cunning COVID 19 pandemic lockdown, here we are talking and standing up to save the vulnerable with the little we are having in our palms.
“We are inviting anyone, who has the heart to assist the vulnerable, we are not going to stop here, it’s a thing that is now going to continue, we want people to know that we are there, standing up and doing this does not mean that we are making any money in the private medical sector. But, to those who are making it, you should not be seen making a lot of money without ploughing it back to the community.
“Even if you grew up entirely comfortable, humanity and Godliness REMINDS YOU TO ALWAYS LOOK BACK TO THE VULNERABLES BEFORE YOU DINE AND WINE,” said Dr Marisa.
“This association was formed last year, 2019, today we are in 2020 July, more than 400 private medical practitioners have already officially become members, as I said , this is the start of things, we are now going ahead because we are having very close working relationships with our partners in the medical field.” He said.
He stressed the need to follow medical guidelines to avoid COVID-19,
“Please, I am begging every person to be careful, be very careful, take precautions because complacency and ignorance will kill us, you have to personally remain vigilant, also monitor your physical aid needing relatives and friends, put on masks, simply stay away from crowds, sanitize your palms often, stay clean and drink more clean water per day.
“COVID 19 is dangerous because it kills anyone of any age, religion, culture or physical ability. Worse there is no medication for it so far, so prevention is the only way to avoid it,” said Dr Marisa, owner of West View Clinics.
According to its Deputy Secretary General, Doctor Jeremy Marume, MDPPZA was registered in 2019 in order to group private practitioners for the best care for both affording and non-affording patients.
Dr Marisa is well known in Zimbabwe for helping vulnerable musicians’ widows, their children and bands, namely the late Leonard Dembo’ widows, Ms System Tazvida, Ms Biggie Tembo, Ms Tongai Moyo, Ms Mashakada and many more including Dembo’ s son, Tendai who got a Mercedes Benz ML from Dr Marisa.

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