Dr Nhanhanga challenges women

28 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views
Dr Nhanhanga challenges women Dr Afra Nhanhanga


Ashley Mujoma

WOMEN have been challenged to rise above expectations and come up with income-generating projects.

Speaking at the sidelines of the Megafest Awards in Harare last week, businesswoman, Dr Afra Nhanhanga, implored women to venture into various income generating projects.

Dr Nhanhanga won the Businesswomen of the Year.

She is also one of directors of CAG Coaches, which boasts of a fleet of new buses. Dr Nhanhanga said she was also into fish farming at Buffalo Downs, near Karoi, in Mashonaland West province.

“Apart from being a director of CAG Coaches, I am now doing fish farming in Karoi and the project is doing very well.

“I was voted in as vice chairperson of the Fish for Caribbean Countries, which has 12 countries,” she said.

She encouraged women to focus on diversifying their projects.

“My wish is to encourage every woman to start a business no matter how small the business might be.

“The most important thing before starting a business is mindset shifting.

“Women should change their mindset and rise above the glass ceiling limitations. We, as women, should also encourage our children to be hard workers.

“We should not spoil them as a way of showing our love. If it was not for my father, who trained me to work hard, l could not have won the prize.”


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