Drag race was in 2021: Police

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Drag race was in 2021: Police A SCENE from the circulating video


Talent Gore
POLICE have said videos circulating on social media in which two cars are involved in a street race are from 2021.

Social media was awash with videos of the drag racing, with people claiming the scenes were from a recent event.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, said:

“It’s a video from 2021 and it happened in Mashonaland Central. People should desist from taking everything they see on social media as factual news.”

In the video, a BMW and Mark X race, with onlookers cheering and taking videos.

Meanwhile some people on social media merged the 2021 video with a second video from South Africa in which a car crashes into a big tree.

In the second video, a number of people are seen lying on the ground with others crying.

The second video was shot in Pretoria.

City of Tshwane Emergency Services Department Deputy Chief for Public Information and Media Liaison, Thabo Charles Mabaso released a statement confirming that the incident happened in Pretoria.

“A driver of a BMW Sedan ran over nine pedestrians, killing three female pedestrians and injuring the other six before crashing into a tree.

“The incident occurred at approximately 5.30pm near a traffic circle on 6th and Koch Street at Salvakop in Pretoria.

“Emergency Services arrived on scene to find multiple patients scattered around the scene with the sedan under a partially collapsed tree.”

He said the driver of the sedan could not be found at the scene of the accident.

“Three female children aged about five years were declared dead by paramedics on the scene, while two female patients, of which one is nine months pregnant were transported to Steve Biko Hospital with moderate to serious injuries.

“Four other female patients were also transported to hospital with minor to moderate injuries.”

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