Drama explores tenant, landlord relations

22 Jul, 2020 - 10:07 0 Views
Drama explores tenant, landlord relations Norman Chiranga


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Popular comedian Norman “Landlord” Chiranga has released a new drama series titled Landlord Nemaroja Reloaded which tackles issues affecting  tenants and landlords.

The seasoned actor, who had taken a sabbatical, is back with the new project set to win hearts of many on Covid-19 lockdown.

“I now have another new drama, and this has new characters unlike in the previous episode.

“This is a story of two brothers of which the elder went to Dubai leaving his young brother in charge at their house.

“He then began to harass the tenants imposing some strict conditions,” he said.

Added Chiranga:

“The drama looks into the real life of tenants and landlords.

“Ndiri kutarisa zviri kuitika mudzimba nekuyedza kufumura zvakaipa zvinoitwa nevanhu vachiitira vamwe ndane.

“Our fans are welcoming the new drama and we really appreciate and it’s now available on cds.”

Chiranga is also working on another project called Zim maid.

“I am currently in camp doing a shoot on new projects whilst we are waiting for people to enjoy our new baby.”

To his credit, Chiranga has released Landlord nemaroja 1 to 8 , Zvinhu zvinosiyana 1 to 8, Mbereko ma1 1 to3, Ndozvzviri, Chihuta patown 1 to 2, Kumwewo kuroora, Vamwe vanhu featuring Mabla 10 among other projects.


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