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9 May 2016
A DAY, May 8, may have been set aside to appreciate mothers but it takes more than a day to really thank a mother for everything she sacrifices and invests in her children as they grow up.

Being a mother is a life-long commitment that begins way before one gives birth. It is a painful process driven only by love for one’s child and nothing beats a mother’s love.

The umbilical cord may be cut seconds after birth but the connection between a mother and her child would have been established and tautened way before that child is born.

From the symptoms of falling pregnant like vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, pimples . . . the mother begins to tell herself, “I am going through this for my child.”

They suffer the whole nine months with a joy and congratulate each other for the pain that is involved in a child’s growth because mothers are driven by love and as the famed verse states, “Love conquers all.”

So you are born of a woman that you will call mother for the rest of your life through a process that is the most painful experience of her life. She screams and is stitched many times but still smiles at the end of it all because you are alive.

The scars, the lost shape, the stretch marks – she does not mind one bit as long as you are alive and well. She makes a prayer to God for you to prosper and be a good person before God and make her proud – that is all she wants, your well-being.

So for the rest of her life, she labours and prays and hopes and wishes for you to be a good person who makes her proud and never burden her.

The best mother’s day gift, therefore, can never be delivered once a year. It is a lifetime of righteousness, a lifetime of exemplary behavior where every day we look at ourselves and avoid all the roads that will bring us shame.

Because our shame is not half as stressing to us as it is to our mothers, those women that bore us through an excruciating and bloody ordeal.

Every time we mess up, it is akin to reopening the wounds of the aforementioned birth process. Our reputations belong to our mothers and the beautiful thing is they stick to us and bear whatever reputation we build for ourselves.

They love us regardless of the shame we can be to society but if we want to really reward them for their unconditional love, mother’s day would be a good day to start cleaning up our acts or, if we have been good children, to work even harder at ensuring our image continues to make our mothers’ smiles sparkle with glee.

How do we want our mothers to love us? As the people who are making all the bad headlines in the media or as success stories?

Shall you be the man who is denying responsibility for your children, the woman who is going out with a married man and destroying a family or the child who is caught misbehaving at school outings?

Your mother will love you anyway but she would rather love you for better reasons. Rewarding such love takes a lifetime of greatness.

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