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DRIVER DEFENDS HIMSELF The accident which occurred along Seke Road near the Coke Corner yesterday


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THE driver of a bus, which caused the pile up near Coke Corner  along Seke Road in Harare yesterday said he deliberately hit a car to avoid a major disaster.

There were no reports of fatalities.

Matthew Maphosa, the driver of the bus that was involved in the accident, said he had no choice but to hit the car in front of him.

“When I applied brakes when approaching the traffic light, the brake pedal broke,” he said.

“I felt that the brake pedal was no longer working and saw that if I went the other way, I would kill people so I chose an option that would stop the bus.

“I decided to use the Honda Fit in front of me.

“I don’t know where the Isuzu came from, I just saw it on top of the Honda Fit.”

An Inter Africa bus collided with a haulage truck near the Munyati River yesterday

Maphosa said he hit the Honda Fit intentionally trying to protect the 66 people he had in the bus.

“Had I gone the other way, I was going to kill people so I was trying to avoid such a scenario and hit the Honda Fit so that the bus could stop since the brakes were no longer working,” he said.

Meanwhile, an Inter Africa bus collided head on with a haulage truck near the Munyati River yesterday.

There were also no reports of fatalities as passengers escaped with minor                                                                   injuries.

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