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Tanyaradzwa Mamombe, H-Metro Reporter

. . . hero passenger takes control

A Hash Tag bus driver is believed to have collapsed and died while he was behind the wheel on his way to Mutare over the weekend just after Ruwa.

On the fateful day, the deceased Amos Mapfumo is said to have departed Mutare in the morning to return back the same day and he was not showing any signs of sickness.

An alert passenger who was close to the driver noticed the situation and took over the steering wheel and managed to control the bus.

Harare Province police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova confirmed the incident urging transport employers to have regular health checkups for their workers.

“Transport employers should make sure that before employing someone there is need for a health background check so that such incidents can be avoided.

“Health checkups are a very important aspect when it comes to drivers as any health deterioration can lead to accidents,” said Ass Insp Dzvova.

Wilfred Chibage of Bolt Cutter buses who spoke on behalf of Mutsinze who owns Hash Tag said the driver had been well all along and had worked for Hash Tag for the past three years.

“The driver was okay not even sick because he had driven from Mutare to Harare that same day.

“We have all his medical certificates which are in order.

“He is a member of the Apostolic Church but he got medical attention when he fell sick. Mapostori anorapwa.

“The passenger helped to control the bus and saved lives,” said Chibage.

A source said Mapfumo had driven to Mutare that same day and on his way back that is when disaster struck.

“The bus is at the police station as it is being used for investigations.

“He was supposed to return that very same day and on their way back to Mutare the driver is said to have stopped in Ruwa and bought some water at George shopping centre.

“They continued with the journey but minutes later the bus started going off road and we just thought the driver was avoiding potholes.

“Only to see that the driver was losing control, a passenger who is a member of the army jumped to the driver’s seat and pushed him aside.

“He then took over the steering wheel and tried to control the bus,” the source said.

Mapfumo was rushed to Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre hospital where he was pronounced dead before his body was taken by the police to the mortuary.

Another bus came to take passengers through the rest of their journey.

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