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YESTERDAY’S story headlined “Rogue drivers arrested” in which 37 rogue drivers were arrested for reckless driving and driving without due care and attention after they were caught on camera in Harare shows police are moving with technology.

The police warned motorists caught driving against one way or engaging in any dangerous driving act that they will be taken to court to face the full wrath of the law because now – even in the absence of police there are cameras that can record evidence of violations of traffic laws on the roads.

The Police even stated that they have noted a sudden increase in the number of motorists who are failing to adhere to road rules and regulations especially driving against one way and going through red traffic lights.

Such negligence is dangerous and can easily cost lives.

It is a good thing the police has embarked on operation ‘Adhere to traffic rules and regulations’, to address this problem.

Already some rogue drivers have been taken to court where they were convicted and given sentences ranging from 30 days to 18 months imprisonment or made to pay fines ranging from US$100 to US$300 or to perform a minimum of 110 hours of community service.

Drivers of public transport have also been urged to desist from actions that endanger lives of their passengers as well as other road users.

Kombi drivers go about breaking every traffic law within their vicinity. They speed, go through red robots, overtake at prohibited curves . . .

They give each other driving lessons whilst carrying passengers and anyone who would raise concern is attacked by vulgar language until they fall silent.

Many of them drive without licences and nothing is done to them. Some even attempt to run over police at road blocks – reports say many actually did so – and it is high time these things stop.

They had grown into the law but the law looks stern now and those that do not follow the laws have been warned.

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