Drug addict speaks out

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Drug addict speaks out Pelaiah Ngarande


Paidamoyo Bore

A 23-YEAR-OLD man has recommended other young people to shun drug and substance abuse as it affects their health as well as their future.

Pelaiah Ngarande has been a drug and substance abuser for more than four years but fortunately got help from Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF).

Speaking during belated International Day of Drug Abuse commemorations, Ngarande said he realised how his life was affected during the time he was into drugs.

“After I got help from MSF, I started to realise that my life was a mess and had no direction at all.

“I did some things I now regret but at the same time I am now happy that I can help others,” he said.

Ngarande highlighted that multiple substances and drugs were  circulating in Mbare.

They include crystal meth, bronclear, marijuana, skank, sanitizer, glue among others.

He said there were some youths, whom he hooked up with during the dark days, he has promised to bring back to life with the help of MSF mentors.

Ngarande is a community health mobiliser in Mbare where he is helping other youths who are into drugs. In his presentation, he also urged stakeholders, organisations and individuals, who are helping drug abusers, to create and introduce income-generating projects for them.

“Some youths are idle, which is leading them to abuse drugs, as you know an idle mind is a workshop of the devil. It becomes helpful if they get rehab and employment as well. In this community, some are now into poultry and solar installation projects and that is actually helping them,” he said.

The Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation has partnered with Proweb to empower youths in different communities with Mbare being one of them.

Sporting activities have also been prioritised in  the Mbare community with the support of Harare City Council. Statistics shown by the World Health Organisation (WHO), reveal that a lot of young men and women are into substance and drug abuse.

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