Drug dealers sell drugs to 14-year-olds

Talent Gore

A new report from UNICEF reveals that drug dealers in Zimbabwe are selling drugs to children as young as 14 years old. 

The research is dubbed “Understanding drug use and substance abuse by Zimbabwean adolescents and young people”.

It found that dealers’ homes or places of operations see the highest level of consumption at 46 percent, with 32 percent using a friend’s house.

Furthermore, 9 percent of the study participants claim that sellers are widely known in communities and sell indiscriminately to all ages. 

Skunk, cannabis, illegal alcohol, cough medicines and liquors approved by the Liquor Traders Association of Zimbabwe (LTAZ) were used by more than 50 percent of abusers. 

Researchers found that consumption of alcohol, drugs and other substances starts as early as adolescence. 

With the cost of the most abused substances and alcohol averaging US$2, urban dwellers consumed more, according to UNICEF.

“Costs are low, with users spending, on average, US$2 to satisfy their needs.

“Across alcohol and drug substances distribution transit corridors, such as Chipinge, the cost of ADS is even lower and easy to acquire. Alcohol, drugs, and other substances abuse is higher in urban areas than rural. 

“The main reason is the stronger community childcare system and closer parental care that prevails in rural communities.

“Daily consumption was measured in the 30 days preceding the ZCLDN study. 76.5 percent skunk; 75.1 percent cannabis; 57.3 percent illegal alcohol; 56.0 percent cough medicines; and 50.6 percent legal alcohol,” said UNICEF.

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