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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

Mbare based Zimdancehall chanter Kudzai “Jah Wit Rhyder” Makono is ruing the moment he allowed drugs into his life.

The 19-year-old chanter said he started drugs when he was still going to school in 2016 and he got addicted.

Jah Wit Rhyder

He said drugs became part of his life and he regret taking them.


In an interview, Jah Wit said he is under transformation after drugs ruined his early future career.

“It was a coincidence that I was involved in drugs around 2016 and during that time I launched my first album while I was in form three at Harare High.


“The album was titled King of dancehall and had 10 tracks.


“From there I met some friends who advised me that for one to perform well on stage you have to be in high spirits with drugs.


“I started with smoking mbanje before it became an addiction to an extend that I was no longer it,” he said.


Jah Wit said the addiction pushed him to take hard drugs.


“I went on to take hard drugs, Broncleer, Crystal meth among other drugs and I wrote my exams of which I passed 4 subjects.


“The following year, I proceeded supplement my failed subjects before I went on to do A level with a combination of MBA.


“The results came out with 8 points but thereafter I was no longer interested in school and I quit,” added the chanter.


The young chanter proceeded to drown into drugs until he took a break in 2020 after he was staying with his aunt.


“I only took a break of 8 months because I was staying with my aunt and she didn’t want anything to do with drugs.


“Sadly drugs almost ended my life and career but I have learnt a few things from the activity.


“I am 90 percent on the recovery path to fight drugs although I still take one or two cigarettes.”


Jah Wit has since dropped a video after going through a rehabilitation programme with Rare Music.


“I have dropped a musical video, Ndichangomira which I am trying to prove people that I can still do my best despite being a drug addict.


“I will be one of the best Zimdancehall artiste in the Zimbabwe.


“My inspiration comes from Bob Marley and the use of drugs, worked in the first days, but I later on discovered that in order for one to be a best singer, you don’t need drugs, you just need your voice and good performance.”


Rare Music said they are helping Jah Wit to move from a life of drugs.


“I am helping the youths to denounce drug abuse and I have started with Jah Wit.


“He is still getting some counselling sessions and we are shaping his life,” he said.

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