Dubai based socialite home sick

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Dubai based socialite home sick


3 January 2018

Memory Mukwaira

Dubai based socialite and businesswoman Memory Mukwaira who has been in Dubai for the past year says she is home sick.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur who owns Four Weather men’s wear shops revealed that despite living a lavish life in Dubai she misses Zimbabwe.

“I am here in Dubai and I came a year ago to pursue my business interests as well as work.

“I am excited that I am making progress in as far as my finances are concerned but the honest truth is I am now home sick.

“I miss everything about my country, the food, the weather, our interaction and above all I miss my family.

“I came here a year ago and since then I never got the chance to come back home because of my busy schedule here, and it hasn’t been hard for me,” she said.

Despite being away from her husband for that long, Memory said she is happy that their marriage is still strong.

“Many marriages have been negatively affected because of long distances between partners but that has not been my case with my hubby.

“We haven’t seen each for a year now but what’s exciting is that we still love each other. Actually the distance between us has renewed our love and it has made it stronger.

“I am also excited that he is now coming here to Dubai this month, the experience will be like a honeymoon for us,” she said.

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