Zvikomborero Parafini 

TWO men were dragged to court yesterday after they were implicated in a theft of trust property case involving US$57 000.

Lavah Mundenda and Simbani Zirumba were not asked to plead when they appeared before magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa.

They were released on US$300 bail each.

The complainant is UK-based Anthony Kanyemba.

Mundenda is also based in the UK.

Allegations are that on July 3 last year, Kanyemba exported two vehicles from the UK and engaged Mundenda for the importation of the cars.

He was referred to Zirumba, who is Mundenda’s brother-in-law.

On July 12, Kanyemba exported another DAF truck to Zimbabwe.

Two of the vehicles were registered in Zirumba’s name while the third was registered in Kanyemba’s name.

However, the registration was changed to Zirumba’s name.

Kanyemba came to Zimbabwe and contacted Zirumba who told him that the trucks didn’t belong to him and he failed to locate the trucks.

It is the State’s case that on November 21, the duo’s accomplice, Isaiah Kufa, sold one of the trucks to Morgan Morgan for US$8 450, which was paid in cash in full. 

An agreement of sale was done between Kufa and Morgan, accompanied by an affidavit from Zirumba authorising the sale as the owner of the trucks.

Kanyemba filed a police report and the people who had bought the trucks were arrested, which led to the duo’s arrest.

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