Dynamos demand apology

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Dynamos demand apology


1 November 2018

Obey Mwerahari

DYNAMOS suspended players which Captain Marshall Machazane, Kingston Nkhatha, Obey Mwerahari and Peace Makaha have been ordered to apologize to the executive.

This is the only way they will be readmitted.

Sources say that team manager Richard “Nyoka” Chihoro called them yesterday and told them of the executive’s decision.

It is the club’s belief that the players have been colluding to boycott training sessions and going into camp.

However, there is a theory that the leadership has since realised that they overreacted and demanding an apology is a dignified way of ending the standoff.

There were suggestions that the matter might trigger a bigger fight between the players and the leadership as the season is coming to an end while most players are owed substantial amounts of money by the club.

Marshall Machazane

The suspended four players were scheduled to meet with Football Union of Zimbabwe president, Desmond Maringwa.

Peace Makaha


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