DZ Pastor attacked by thugs

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DZ Pastor attacked by thugs Pastor Boas Nzou


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

A Dzivaresekwa pastor Boas Nzou was reportedly attacked by a group of unknown assailants last week over a suspected case of witchcraft and wetland dispute.

Pastor Nzou, the founder of Exodus Ministry Church, told this publication that trouble started when a snake came out from the grass during a service and his flock had to run for dear life since the church is in a wetland area.

“We had to build a wall where snakes cannot get through, and after some people saw us constructing the place, they came and confronted me,” he said.

Nzou claimed that the city fathers advised them to continue using the wetland area until council allocates him another stand around the same wetland area.

Narrating his ordeal, Nzou said he was still devastated after the attack.

“I was on my way from church along with my fellow church members when a group of about seven men suddenly appeared from nowhere and started harassing me.

“They took me to a sewer area near the church and started beating me with sticks, dipping my head inside, such that I thought I was dying.

“The said to me, ndiwe watiri kutsvaga ukudakunetsa iwewe, and started beating me up badly until I could not see my way home and the people I was walking with had already fled.

“My teeth are falling off since the incident and I have at one time tried to make peace with some of the thugs who I suspect are behind this since they hang around my church doing all sorts of evil things,” he said

Pastor Nzou said that he still fears for his life since the unknown assailants are yet to be arrested.

H-Metro visited the site where the Exodus Ministry Church is located and next to the church was a cabin where six children under the age of 12 were playing money card game then started fighting each other.


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