Dzamutsana, Paper Bag – opposite extremes

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Dzamutsana, Paper Bag – opposite extremes


7 November 2018

Jah Prayzah and Winky D, two of Zimbabwe’s leading musicians both released fresh music videos within 24 hours of each other.  

Winky D released his video to the new single, ‘Paper Bag’ on YouTube on the morning of November 2 whilst Jah Prayzah followed suit with his ‘Dzamutsana’ video on November 3.

As of last night, Dzamutsana had attracted 220 000 views on YouTube while Paper Bag was on 111 000 views in a popularity contest triggered by social media ever since Winky D started promoting the unveiling of his video on Trace Africa.

Below is a snap analysis of the two videos . . .


Dzamutsana Video portrays a beautiful love story with folktale imagery of a Zimbabwe or Africa many only read about or imagine.

Jah Prayzah plays the protagonist in the love story – portraying a young man in love who has to stalk the girl of his dreams despite the fact that the girl’s father loathes him.

The story setting – hundreds of miles from the city lights of Harare – is Binga, rural Zimbabwe.

The video captures earth in her untainted beauty with different shots of majestic views that one can only find in Zimbabwe and Africa.

From the beautiful African sunset to wonderful river scenery to untainted rockery – it is all contained in this traditional video telling an African love story.

Jah Prayzah goes to the Binga people in remote Zimbabwe, where they still eat natural foods, fruits and roots for survival. A 114-year-old man stars in the video, a typical Binga native, complete with the weird nose piercings of the Binga natives.

Also starring is Elijah Madzikatire, an almost forgotten but easily recognizable character in Zimbabwean showbiz.

Jah Prayzah complements them well with his great acting abilities perhaps springing from his acting background.

The video to this well sung love song is purely Zimbabwean and can only be told by a Zimbabwean.

No artist has ever attempted to tell this – almost Khoi san – side of Zimbabwe and that has made this video different.

At the time of writing, Dzamutsana video is number 2 on trending, has 154 661 views, 4 600 likes and 89 dislikes on YouTube.


Winky D goes commercial in his Paper bag video released on November 2.

He decides to live the fine life with this exotic video and showcases life as it is fantasized by ghetto youths.

He even changes from dancehall to something akin to hip hop in this very urban if not fantastical song and video.

In this video, and song, money is not a problem but how to spend it.

Winky D appears in fancy cars and limousines – the Rolls Royces of this world. He holds wards of cash and spends them for fun stating that US$20 dollar bills are change and he only deals with US$100 and 50 dollar bills.

Complementing this is a bevy of beauties that pampers him with love, good looks and smiles – a multiracial cast of white, black, even Chinese looking beauties.

To complete the lifestyle of the rich and crazy, Winky D adds some guns to the video as if to suggest that the richer one is, the more protection they move around with.

Winky D plays the rich ring-leader lifestyle in this video and features his latest partner in crime, Buffalo Souljah to add a familiar face that also recognizes with the lifestyle that they are trying to portray in the video.

At the time of writing, Paper Bag video is number 4 on trending, has 91 158 views, 3 800 likes and 179 dislikes on YouTube.


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