Dzinosvitsa Kure – the details

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Dzinosvitsa Kure – the details


30 May 2018


…Macheso trusts his men

MUSIC supremo Alick Macheso is impressed with the versatility of his instrumentalists and has given them a platform to showcase their flair on his forthcoming album – Dzinosvitsa Kure.

While the entertainer believes his fans make up the jury, he thinks he now has a winning team in the name of Noel Nyazanda, Devine Muzenda, Mike Maikoro, Francis Poto and Givemore Chokumanyara and Congolese chanters Jonas Kasamba and Zhili Mumbamulapi.

And to attest his trust in his men, Macheso has given them a chance to play different instruments on this six track album.

For example, Nyazanda played lead guitar on two songs – Kudzwai and Pfuma Yacho – and was in charge of bass guitar on Madzitete and Vane Zvavanoda where Macheso took over the lead guitar.

Maikoro, who was in charge of the rhythm guitars along with Poto on most songs also played lead guitar on the second track – Pfuma Yacho – where he showcased his wizardry on the twine.

Muzenda played lead guitar on the song Ndakakutadzirei while Chokumanyara was in charge of the drums on the whole album.

“We work as a team, we have been working hard to come up with this project and the credit goes to the guys.

“We have a versatile team and everyone got a chance to put his input. This helps in doing away with monotony. When you have a different hand on lead, rhythm and bass on all the songs, you can produce a different sound,” Macheso told H-Metro.

“As I have been always saying, we just release music and the fans will determine which song is the best for their own reasons.

“They are the judges of our work and not us. We record music for them and we leave it for them to consume,” added Macheso.

This reporter got a chance to listen to the album and had an exclusive interview with the entertainer who is buoyant ahead of the launch set for June 8 at the Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza.

While those who have been frequenting Macheso’s show tips the 15 minutes 11 seconds long Kudzwai, there are other songs to look forward to.

The songs are laden with rich lyrics – typical of Alick Macheso – which touch on different aspects of life.

Macheso was criticised on his decision to have backing vocalist Wilson Meka sing high pitch lines on songs like Mude Mude and Wandirangaridza on the previous album Tsoka Dzerwendo and it seems he heeded the call.

This time around, he did not seek help on vocals.

That is the reason he decided to stop shows for almost a month to concentrate on studio work.

“I did all the vocals alone, it’s a decision I made basing on my experiences as a musician,” said Macheso.

Apart from Kudzwai where Nyazanda and Macheso showcased their prowess on lead and bass guitars, songs like Pfuma Yacho, Ndakakutadzirei and Chikuru Kurarama are real contenders.

Dzinosvitsa Kure can be best described as a complete package; one cannot talk of good Macheso music without mentioning Madzitete and Vane Zvavanoda.

“It is an album that touches on different backgrounds. It’s an album that tackles a number of things that happen in people’s day to day lives.

“Talk of social life, the grace of God, love life, troubles, things people do for money as well as pretenders,” said Macheso.


H-Metro can also reveal that the album will be released two days before the launch – on June 6.

The idea is to make fans familiarise with the music before the big event at the Aquatic Complex where Macheso will be supported by fellow musicians like Jah Prayzah, Leonard Zhakata and Sniper Storm.

“We will be releasing the album on June 6 on a Wednesday. That is two days before the launch at Aquatic Complex.

“We want fans to come to the launch knowing the music. Most of the songs were not being sampled during live shows, most of them only know Kudzwai but as you heard, it’s now completely different with live shows.

“There are six songs and most of them are new, so come Wednesday the album is out,” said Macheso’s publicist Tich Makahamadze.

They are using the same model they did on the previous album – Tsoka Dzerwendo.

“The album will hit the streets on Wednesday and fans will have a chance to buy it on that day,” he said.


Macheso’s camp has revealed that they have put in place equipment for a live recording when they launch the new album at Aquatic Complex on June 8.

They believe this is a historic event as Macheso will be celebrating his birthday as well as celebrating Orchestra Mberwikwazvo 20th anniversary on the same day.

The event has been dubbed the ‘Triple Affair’.

“The event will be recorded live for future purposes, remember this is an important event because we will be celebrating three milestones on the same night.

“The launch of our 11th album, mdhara’s (Macheso) birthday and Mberikwazvo (Orchestra) 20th anniversary,” said Makahamadze.


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