DZL cashier in court

18 Sep, 2019 - 12:09 0 Views
DZL cashier in court


Mediator Setoboli, Court Reporter

A  DAIRIBORD Zimbabwe Limited employee has appeared in court accused of duping her employer of over $9000.

Dorcas Mwembe, 28, pleaded not guilty when she appeared before Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba charged with fraud.

In her defence, she told the court that she suspected that someone had stolen part of the money from her cashbox or had generated a fake transaction to generate an invoice for stock collection causing her journal not to balance.

The matter was deferred to today for Mwembe to bring her defence witnesses.

The State witness, Action Chiweshe alleged that on January 4, the company had account reconciliation and discovered that Mwembe was taking money from the company using EcoCash payments and swipe.

On October 31, the accused also received an EcoCash payment of $293 which she receipted it on her journal and cleared it.

Mwembe also received payment of $45 with the transaction and cleared it on her journal and she cleared the same amount using and on the same day she entered a CABS bank swipe for $220 and cleared it twice.

The accused is responsible for the shortage incurred by the company because she kept of double clearing money which then added up to $9893 and nothing was recovered.






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