DZVITI WAS SO DRUNK HE WAS JUST SLUMPED ON THE FLOOR. . . Party pictures of man in R3m row emerge

H-Metro Reporter

PICTURES of Luke Mufaro Dzviti when he was just an employee in Harare and so drunk he just could lie on the floor at a Christmas party, have emerged.

Dzviti is the man who is accused of ripping off about 300 Zimbabweans in South Africa who invested into income-generating projects and businesses.

They invested through the Zimbabwe Migration Network Programme (ZMNP) and they have now lost about R3 million.

ZMNP is a profit-making company registered in South Africa for Zimbabweans and is involved in projects like large poetry keeping, a KFC franchise and e-commerce business, among others.

Founded by Dzviti, the company has come under scrutiny for failure to honour some investors.

Dzviti is said to be in Zimbabwe but he told H-Metro he was on holiday and would soon return to South Africa to sort out the mess. One victim filed a report at Sandton Police Station, reference number case 286/2/2024, on February 11.

Other members have established an 18-member committee of the Zimbabwe Immigration Federation to investigate and settle the matter.

The new committee plans to contract lawyers to take the case of money laundering and theft to court.

“I am on leave and on holiday abroad. I always take leave this time of the year. I talk to people every day using my South African WhatsApp number.

“I am going back to South Africa next week as my leave ends then.  Handiti vanhu vese vanoenda ku-leave, others went for Christmas. ZIF has its finance guys and I am not part of the signatories and ZMNP finances are handled by a firm in Johannesburg.

I don’t do finances.”

Pictures have now emerged of him having the time of his life at an Xmas party where he was so drunk he ended up slumped on the floor.

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